This is a short guide for people that are attending, or would like to attend, Spiky Club, setting out some of the guidelines for attendance

I've never been to Spiky Club before, what do I do?
You can come along to a club night without any prior warning. If you have any questions that aren't covered here, email spikydavid@gmail.com

Where is it?
We meet at Maiden Lane Community Centre - see the Directions

Do I have to be a member to attend club nights?
No, not everyone can make it to the club often enough to make it worth becoming a member, and we'd like to encourage casual gamers as well. Non-members can attend in the same way as members, but there is a higher fee for non-members (though the first two visits are free)

How do I get a game?
Most games are organised in advance, typically a week ahead (or more for roleplay). For most games, particularly the wargames, people will organise games at the club for the following week. There is also a dedicated area on the forum for arranging games. Occasionally, there will be players at the club without a game, but this is rare.

What are the typical game sizes?
People can play any size game that they wish, but the following are the most popular sizes, so are most likely to get an opponent
  • Warhammer 40,000 - 1500 or 1750 points
  • Warhammer Fantasy Battle - 2200 or 2400 points
  • Flames of War - 1750 Late War

Does my army have to be painted?
No, we don't enforce use of painted models, though most people play with fully painted armies most of the time. Proxies may also be used, particularly weapon proxies, but are rare, unless agreed in advance.

What does the club provide?
Spiky club will provide scenery, a gaming mat, and a table. All of these are kept in the storage cupboard, and must be put back at the end of the evening. Scenery is kept in plastic boxes, and players must use a single crate, of the appropriate type of scenery, and replace the scenery in that crate at the end of the evening.

What about the venue?
The venue provides a roof, and some lighting. There is free parking adjacent to the venue which is shared with, amongst other things, the neighbouring social club

What are my responsibilities as a player?
Your only responsibilities are:
  • Treat all other attendees with respect
  • Treat the club property, particularly the scenery, with care
  • Clear away your scenery, table, etc. at the end of the evening, into the cupboard
  • Pay your attendance fee
  • Replace the scenery into the crate it came from

How much does it cost?
The costs are £4 a night for non-members and £2 for members. Membership rates change pro-rata through the year with the membership year turning at the end of July.