SVA 2010

SVA is the Spiky Club's two day campaign event, held annually since 2001

This year's event (the tenth anniversary) will again pitch the Touched against the Inquisition, for two days of team-based competition.

And the weekend is over for another year - and a cracking weekend it was

The Inquisition put up a valiant fight, but the Touched won the weekend overall. The final results were:

Winning Domain (Touched)
Rob Hardman (Orks)
Gareth Bowen (Orks)
Sean Councill (Dark Eldar)

Second Place Domain (Touched)
Paul Claridge (Black Legion)
Neil Kerr (Daemons)
Chris Ryder (Death Guard)

Third Place Domain (Inquisition)
Nicola Dunn (Space Wolves)
Alex West (Space Wolves)
Gary Marsh (Sisters Of Battle)
Dan Fortnum (Sisters Of Battle)

Fourth Place Domain (Inquisition)
Jason Tovey (Raven Guard)
Jody Paterson (Imperial Fists)
Tom Wilson (Crimson Fists)

Fifth Place Domain (Touched)
Jen Chapman (Thousand Sons)
Rob Clayton (World Eaters)
Tim Gough (Death Guard)
Dan Kohorn-Hill (Slaanesh Daemons)

Sixth Place Domain (Touched)
Matt Bevis (Chaos Space Marines)
Lewis Everitt (Daemons)
Nathan Martin (Space Marines)
Dan Connock (Imperial Guard)

Seventh Place Domain (Touched)
Dave Palmer (Tyranids)
Filippo Cipriani (Tyranids)
Moz Peachey (Tyranids)
Dan Hughes (Tyranids)

Eighth Place Domain (Inquisition)
Pete Ganderton (Tau)
Chris Campbell (Dark Angels)
Laurie Adams (Eldar)
Kiran Reddy (Eldar)

Ninth Place Domain (Inquisition)
Jonathan Last (Imperial Guard)
Colin James (Imperial Guard)
Chris James (Space Marines)
Ben Clark (Imperial Guard)

Tenth Place Domain (Touched)
Ryan Powell (Orks)
Matthew Thompson (Orks)
Luke Hemming (Orks)
Mike Martin-White (Space Wolves)

Eleventh Place Domain (Inquisition)
Chris Cook (Daemonhunters)
Rob Peck (Black Consuls)
Ben May (Dark Angels)
Angel Toovey (Space Wolves)

Wooden Spoons (Inquisition)

Steve Leeves (Black Templars)
Simon Roberts (Daemonhunters)
Pete Simpson (Blood Ravens)
Jez Dunmore (Grey Knights)

The best painted army was Simon Roberts' Mechanicus army