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Rapid strike
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Sun Sep 26 2021, 11:45am
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Rapid Strike 2021 Rulespack
Rapid strike is a 1 day 40k tournament run by the Spiky Club. There will be four games of 1000 points. It will be held on Saturday 16th of October at the Maiden Place community centre 142 Maiden Pl, Earley, Reading RG6 3HE
Entry to the event is £12 and can be purchased via Paypal Beardyfluffbag© (use the friends and family option please in the notes write Rapid strike ticket) or in person at the club. Once purchased, tickets are non-refundable however if you are unable to attend please contact us and we will try and sell your ticket onto someone on the reserves list. If you are buying tickets for multiple people, please include in the PayPal notes the email addresses for all participants.
Event Timings
0930-1000 Registration and Briefing
1000-1130 Game 1
1140-1310 Game 2
1310- 1400 Lunch Break and Best Painted Voting
1400-1530 Game 3
1540-1710 Game 4
1710-1730 Awards
What to Bring
• Your fully painted and based army.
• At least one copy of your army list (paper or digital).
• Main rules and your army rules, and chapter approved Mission book, if you do not want to print off a hard copy make sure you have electronic access to them.
• Tape measure, Dice and some objective counters.
• Glue for repairs.
• A pen for recording your results.
Army Selection
Armies are 1000 points, and are selected as described below.
All armies must be selected in a single patrol or battalion detachment.
All units are considered Unique so you may only have one of each data sheet, Special/named characters cannot be taken. All other normal restrictions for you army apply.
Please submit you army lists to Beardyfluffbag© by the 2nd of October so they can be checked for errors, please use Word, PDF or Excel to insure they can be read. Make sure lists include full cost breakdowns for each unit, and who the Warlord is plus relics, psychic powers etc.
Painting and WISYWIG
All models in your army must be fully painted and based to be used in. By this we mean that as a minimum standard all models have at least 4 colours (excluding undercoat) applied to them in a consistent way. Bases should be textured and painted in some way. Please email if you're unsure if something meets these requirements. All models must be WISYWIG.
Scoring and Prizes
Rapid Strike will be run using a slightly different positive scoring system. Games will be standard Incursion games from the chapter approved mission book with the following exception: A game will be considered a draw if the difference between a players score at the end is 5 points or less the game is considered a draw.
A game will be considered a draw if the difference between a players score at the end is 5 points or less. Tournament points will be calculated by taking your score from the game and adding 0 for a loss, 10 for a draw, and 20 for a win, with the total being your tournament points for that game. E.g. your score 64 points in game and win your score would be 84, if you draw 74 and loss 64.
These scores from each round will be added together to determine the placings for the event. In the case of a tie we look back at the record of your opponents and whoever faced the most difficult (i.e highest scoring) opponents will win the tiebreaker.
There will awards for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, as well as an award for the best painted army. There may be other spot prizes to be earned throughout the event for accomplishing particularly unlikely or impressive feats in game.
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