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John v Dawid t9a list for next week
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Fri Jun 26 2020, 03:07PM
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Hey Dawid here's my list for next week

Daemon Legions (Daemon Legions 2020) [4,498pts] ++

+ Characters [1,580pts] +

Harbinger of Father Chaos [560pts]: Battle Standard Bearer [50pts], Character - Centipede Legs [25pts], Character - Cloven Hooves [35pts], Evocation, Great Beast of Prophecy [100pts], Guiding - Red Haze [75pts], Unarmoured, Wizard Adept [115pts]

Vanadra’s Scourge [1,020pts]: Character - Chitinous Scales [25pts], Character - Dark Hide [25pts], Character - Kaleidoscopic Flesh [45pts], Character - Living Shield [25pts], Character - Sorcerous Antennae [40pts], Thaumaturgy, Unarmoured, Wizard Adept [115pts]
. Wrath General [35pts]: Army General

+ Core [1,126pts] +

Imps [270pts]: Champion [20pts], 10x Imp [150pts], Musician [20pts], Unit - Mark of the Eternal Champion [25pts]

Imps [265pts]: Champion [20pts], 11x Imp [165pts], Unit - Mark of the Eternal Champion [25pts]

Myrmidons [591pts]: Champion [20pts], Musician [20pts], 21x Myrmidon [483pts], Standard Bearer [20pts], Unit - Whipcrack Tail [63pts]

+ Aves [330pts] +

Furies [165pts]: 5x Fury [50pts]

Furies [165pts]: 5x Fury [50pts]

+ Special [1,462pts] +

Blazing Glory [300pts]: Unit - Cloven Hooves [10pts]

Blazing Glory [300pts]: Unit - Cloven Hooves [10pts]

Brazen Beasts [517pts]: 4x Brazen Beast [380pts], Musician [20pts], Standard Bearer [20pts], Unit - Centipede Legs [32pts]

Hellhounds [170pts]: 5x Hellhound [100pts]

Hellhounds [175pts]: 5x Hellhound [100pts], Unit - Grasping Proboscis [5pts]
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Mon Jun 29 2020, 07:52PM
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Prophet - Nezibkesh, Adept Pyro, Bastion, Flintlock axe, Triple speed - 570pts
Prophet - Lugar, General, Master Ocultisn, paired weapon, tablet of Vezodizneh, Unflame - 540pts
T Commissioner - BSB, great wapon, shield, Talisman of shielding, Kadim Bindings, Ghostly guard, Trial of Asharuk - 525pts

34 x Infenal Warriors - FC, great weapon, shields, Legion Banner - 645pts
20 x Citadel Guards - FC, flintlock axe, flaming Banner
21 x Slaves - paired weapon - 125pts
23 x Lugars - FC, paired weapons, rending banner - 606pts
5 x Taurukhs Anointed - FC, paired weapon, shields, Pride Banner - 665
2 x Slingshot - 220 pts
total 4496
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