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Bloodbath 2
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Tue Feb 05 2019, 12:54PM
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Running a one day 4500 point 9th age event on the 27th on July rules pack below:

Bloodbath 2 27/7/19
Bloodbath is a 1 day 9th Age tournament run by the Spiky Club. There will be three games of 4500points. It will be held on Saturday 27th of July at the Maiden Place community centre

Entry to the event is £15 and can be purchased via Paypal djhendrsn© (use the friends and family option please in the notes write Bloodbath ticket) or in person at the club. Once purchased, tickets are non-refundable however if you are unable to attend please contact us and we will try and sell your ticket onto someone on the reserves list. If you are buying tickets for multiple people, please include in the PayPal notes the email addresses for all participants.

Event Timings
0900-0915 Registration
0915-0930 Welcome and Briefing
0930-1200 Game 1
1200-1245 Lunch Break and Best Painted Voting
1245- 1515 Game 2
1535-1805 Game 3
1815-1830 Awards and Home time

What to Bring

• Your fully painted and based army.
• At least one copy of your army list.
• Main rules and your army rules, if you do not want to print off a hard copy make sure you have electronic access to them.
• Tape measure, Dice and some objective counters.
• Glue for repairs.
• A pen for recording your results.

Army Selection

Armies are 4500 points, and are selected as described in your army rules. There are no further restrictions although this may change if a new update of the rules is realised before the event, so please keep an eye out on this pack and the event page
for any changes to what rule set we will be using.
Please submit you army lists to Beardyfluffbag© by the 13th of July so they can be checked for errors, please use Word, PDF or Excel to insure they can be read. Make sure lists include full cost breakdowns for each unit, and things like magic lores, army wide choices (The blessing for KOE or UD's terracotta army etc.), and who the general is.

Painting and WISYWIG
All models in your army must be fully painted and based to be used in Bloodbath. By this we mean that as a minimum standard all models have at least 4 colours (excluding undercoat) applied to them in a consistent way. Bases should be textured and painted in some way. If you have to ask if your army is fully painted or not the chances are that it isn't

Given there is not complete official model range some discretion will be applied to counts as for units. Please do not abuse this make sure that the models you are using somewhat resemble the units they are supposed to represent, and that they can be clearly distinguished from other unit types in the army. Please make sure all models are on the correct size bases.

Scoring and Prizes
Bloodbath will be run using a positive scoring system. Instead of the normal 20 point table you will gain points based of the amount you have killed (including general and BSB etc.), with the secondary objectives being worth a bonus 500 points (or 250 if contested). This means beating your opponent and minimising your losses serves little purpose, all your points are earned by killing the enemy.
This will hopefully lead to more fun and eventful games.

There will awards for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, as well as an award for the best painted army. There may be other spot prizes to be earned throughout the event for accomplishing particularly unlikely or impressive feats in game.

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Tue Feb 05 2019, 01:06PM
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Payed Up Attendees

Ben Dunford
John Walker
Ben Crouch
Dawid Prokopowicz
Jeff Keeling
Nick Vaux
James Butler
Chris Cooper
Antoine Cadeddu
Donny Donton Nicholls
Frank Mvr
James Ledward
Daniel Kohorn-Hill
Darren Williamson,
Luke Williams
Caroline Bradshaw
Joseph Parmenter
Thomas Clews

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Tue Feb 05 2019, 08:43PM
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I'm in !

I'll be back at the club soon.

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Tue Feb 05 2019, 10:47PM
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Joined: Mon Jan 21 2019, 12:54PM
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I'm in!

[ Edited Tue Feb 05 2019, 10:47PM ]
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Thu Feb 07 2019, 08:04PM
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Payment doesn't goes through using the address provided : "djhendrsn©"
Should I try using a @ instead of a © ?

Sorry if my question is silly but I've never used paypal before, so I prefer to check before I do something wrong.


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Thu Feb 07 2019, 10:08PM
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Seemed to have worked with a @. Let me know if payment doesn't show up in the next days.

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Fri Feb 08 2019, 01:24AM
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Yeah worked fine Antoine i think the weird @ thing is just the forum doing the link funny
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Sat Feb 09 2019, 06:17PM
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Please could I be put down:

James Ledward

And I have just paid so the money should come through.
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Sun Feb 10 2019, 10:20PM
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There is only one ticket left as of now.

It has gone now

[ Edited Mon Feb 11 2019, 06:05PM ]
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Mon Feb 11 2019, 09:53PM
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That was quick! Pleased I got in what seemed at the time to be ludicrously early

[ Edited Mon Feb 11 2019, 10:09PM ]
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Thu Feb 14 2019, 08:54AM
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Shame I was too lazy to get a spot early on, if anybody drops out could I get their place?

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Sun Feb 17 2019, 08:18PM
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Joined: Sun Feb 17 2019, 08:10PM
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If possible can I be put on a reserve place list? If anyone is unable to attend i'd be happy to pay up and go; I live locally so it's easy enough for me to fill a spot at relatively short notice.
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