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Call to Chordata: Phase 3 Brief
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Tue Aug 29 2017, 09:55AM

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Call to Chordata: Phase 3 brief: Somethings stirring…

The battle for Aconiton reaches a crucial phase this month – with personnel and scout parties still going missing across the surface and the arrival of Heretics, Grey Knights and the ongoing Aeldari presence, something big is imminent – All will be revealed depending on the outcome of club night games in September.

As previously mentioned, the themes in this phase will be maelstrom games and ‘domination’. With the faction scores so close, there are plenty of bonus points to be gained this month and no armies have a particular advantage. The aim is to gain ground and dominate the region in an attempt to understand what is happening (as well as crushing other’s hopes of doing so!).

However, as the leading general Chris will have a secret objective in each game as he has accumulated more knowledge of what is happening than anyone else.
He has had the highest score in the two months to date… Somebody stop him!

Phase 3 points will be awarded as follows (capped at your 2 best results, as always):

Individual: Win +5 / Draw +3 / Loss +1
Faction: Win +1 / Draw 0 /Loss 0

Bonus points: There are two ways to achieve additional points (individual and faction) in phase 3:
- Any games of Maelstrom – So simple… (+1 faction and +1 individual). Everyone.
- By achieving the following maelstrom cards at any point in a club night game: ‘Domination’ or ‘Priority Orders Received’ (+1 per card to both faction and individual). Note that the leading general at this point will have a different bonus objective in each game.

For those interested, the leading 10 individual point tallies to date are:

Chris R = 22
Alex = 20
Yaro = 17
Rick = 16
Adrian = 14
David H = 13
Simon B = 12
Ian = 10
James B = 10
Rob C = 9

Happy gaming in September!
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