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Call to Chordata: Phase 2 conclusion
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Mon Aug 28 2017, 07:23PM

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Call to Chordata: Phase 2 Conclusion

-As the bombardment continued, the bunker shook and accumulated dust drifted around the command centre from the force of the ordnance. The Imperial Guard Lieutenant grimaced and turned to his communications officer, face covered in sweat and grime.

‘Still no word from the fleet?’

Hunched over a glowing console, the only response was a small shake of the head accompanied by an almost imperceptible furrowing of the brow. The brief quiet was broken by a further sequence of impacts as the enemy guns continued to pound on the imperial position. The lieutenant mumbled under his breath as the barrage continued:

‘What use are the bloody space marines if they don’t turn up when they are supposed to? Those bloody renegades have been pounding us since the 2nd founding!’

As the communications officer shrugged and turned towards his commander, his eyes widened in horror. He began the long reach down for his sidearm and barked a warning. The cry was muffled by the on-going bombardment but the experienced Lieutenant recognised and reacted to his brothers movements. He began to turn as a sinking feeling plunged a cold dagger into his heart. It was joined a moment later by a curved blade which carved through his carapace armour and emerged out through his chest. The glow of an alien weapon flashed from over the dead lieutenant’s shoulder accompanied by a low whine. The communications officer was pinned in place with a flurry of lethal shards and slumped back over his beloved console.

Allowing the corpse to slide back off his blade, the Drukhari strode from the shadows into the flickering light. Various maps of the local area lay strewn across a central table, but the figure ignored these. Moving swiftly and silently, the alien picked up a small archaic cube which had found use as a paperweight. After examining it briefly, the figure slipped the artefact into his cloak and vanished once again into the night.

Moments later, the bloodied console in the centre of the room sparked into life. The only other sound was the pounding artillery on the roof of the bunker, but both dialogues remained unanswered-

The second phase of the campaign has come to a close, and we currently have two factions level pegging on narrative points. The Imperial factions appear to have succumbed to complacency from their early successes and conceded their advantage. Thus, the Imperial and Xenos factions have accumulated exactly the same number of points thus far, with Chaos just 3 behind.

This leaves the area under investigation heavily contested with no clear faction domination established. This means everything is very much to play for in the 3rd phase, effectively through September. The themes in this phase will be maelstrom games and ‘domination’.

Congratulations to Chris Ryder who has remained on top of the individual pile through the second month.

Points update and challenges for the third phase to follow...

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