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Call to Chordata: Phase 2 Update
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Fri Aug 18 2017, 09:11AM

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More ‘news’ (gossip?) from the Chordata Chronicle:

‘Friendly fire reports increase – There have been further reports of our proud warriors of the Imperium being involved in internal firefights. Rumours are circulating that local Adeptus Astartes strike forces of Iron Hands and Blood Angels may have independent agendas in conflict with those of the local high command. A Ultramarines Captain from the 3rd Company failed to arrive for a scheduled interview to comment on these damaging stories, with his administrators claiming he was ‘unavailable’. Whatever the reason, instability in the region appears to be increasing…’

‘Missing persons reports continue – There remain a worrying number of reports of lost patrols and missing persons throughout the sector. The looting of equipment, weapons and people continues with little information provided to suggest there are significant resources going into investigation. With imperial forces spread thin, answers seem unlikely in the near future…’

The situation on the 1st moon of Chordata has altered greatly so far in phase 2. A combination of all-star turn-outs from the xenos and some imperial complacency (the loyalist generals seem insistent on kicking the snot out of each other!) has led to all three factions drawing all but even.

Bounties (both Xenos and Chaos) are still out for the heads of Yaro, Rick and Chris’ warlords, so don’t let them escape! Remember, they are worth points both individually and narratively this month, as are battles fought using the cityfight rules.

Full update at the end of August.

Don’t forget your grenades…

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