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Call to Chordata: Phase 2 brief
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Tue Aug 01 2017, 06:42AM

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Call to Chordata: Phase 2 brief

Having traced the initial signal to Chordata’s moon and had the best of the initial engagements, imperial forces have begun searching the ruins spread across the moonscape in the search for clues to the source. Early signs point towards an Aeldari presence but evidence is elusive or circumstantial and sightings report simply brief impressions.

Disconcertingly, there are increasing reports of missing personnel, and numerous scouting parties in the ruined cities are returning shorthanded or not at all.

The xenos and chaos parties have recognised the importance of the effective imperial leadership (or just want to eat/fight/capture the notorious meal/champion/victim…) so loyalists warlords will have to stay on guard as they direct their searches.

In recognition of their feats in the first round (and to counteract the targeting they will receive… see below), the Warlords of the three leading Imperial generals (Chris, Rick and Yaro) will have an additional warlord trait for campaign games in phase 2. They may select 2 from the table in the 40k book, or 1 from an appropriate codex and an additional trait from the 40k rulebook.

Phase 2 of the campaign will run on the 4 club nights through August 2017. As in the first phase, individual and faction points will be awarded in a similar structure:

Individual: Win +5 / Draw +3 / Loss +1
Faction: Win +1 / Draw 0 /Loss 0

Bonus points: There are two ways to achieve additional points (individual and faction) in phase 2:
- Any games using the Cities of Death rules from the 40k rulebook (+1 to both sides)
- By destroying the warlord of the leading imperial commanders (Rick, Chris and Yaro!) (+1)

Feel free to use additional scenery from boxes at the Club for your games to make appropriate city locations to fight over, but most of all enjoy your 40k in August and happy hunting.

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