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Call to Chordata: Phase 1 conclusion
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Sat Jul 29 2017, 11:19AM

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Extract from propaganda released to colonists in the Eastern Fringe:

‘In protection of the distant branches of mankind, Imperial forces have met and defeated various xenos and ruinous incursions around Chordata. A combined battlegroup of the Adeptus Astartes, supported by specialists from the Adeptus Mechanicus and other Imperial Agencies, have established secure territories on the surface of the contested moon above the planet following victories over various threats to local populations….The Emperor Protects.’

Well done to the Imperial forces who have come out on top in phase 1!

Combined Imperial forces have secured various drop zones on the moon of Aconiton, orbiting the world of Chordata. Exploration will now continue in earnest to locate and identify the source of the signal which drew the various parties to the area. Initial reports suggest this is not an imperial signal, and brief sightings and trace warp signatures suggest an Aeldari presence around the planet and moon which has not yet been properly identified…

The faction scores at the close of phase 1 are:

Imperial Forces: 10
Chaos: 8
Xenos: 6

This will give the imperial commanders a small advantage in games in phase 2 (August) but will also make them targets for the other factions…

Speaking of which, individually, the top three players in phase 1 were principally seen representing the imperial faction:

Chris R: 11
Rick: 11
Yaro: 10

Congrats to these combatants in particular, but to all who have taken to the fields thus far. I haven’t posted a full list of scores but please let me know if you want to know where you sit. There were a maximum of 12 points available, so kudos to Chris and Rick for gaining an impressive 11 each. As a reminder, these were the totals gained from only their two best results, so only a game or two will keep you in the running.

A briefing for Phase 2 will follow shortly.

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