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New to area and looking for a club
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Wed Jun 21 2017, 08:49pm
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Hi all,

I've just moved to the Wokingham area and looking to join a gaming club regularly playing 40K.

I'm completely new to 40K and working on building an army up to play with currently, I was awaiting the drop of 8th edition before taking the plunge. Although I've never played 40K years ago I played Warhammer Fantasy heavily so get the jist of how the game will work but will need a bit of hand holding and patience in my initial forays on the gaming table.

As is typical I left Fantasy behind as life got in the way and haven't been actively involved in gaming for years. I have kept an eye on GW developments, I finally thought about plunging back in to Fantasy and they went and did away with the Old World so that put me off for a bit as I didn't fancy Age of Sigmar much as I preferred the solidity of the rank and file painting many a clanrat and Ork boy in my time. I've always enjoyed the background to 40K reading quite alot of the Black Library collection so 40K so I'm now looking to get involved.

I'll likely pop down to the club this week if people are around gaming to get a feel for the place, other than the directions on the webpage is there anything else I should be aware of?

I look forward to meeting you all in due course.

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Thu Jun 22 2017, 09:20am

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Hi Mike,

Good to hear from you, and it would be great to see you down at the club if you can pop in. We are found through the external door on the right as you look at the front of the social club at Maiden Lane Community Centre.

I suspect that 40k will tend to be pre-eminent over the next few weeks at the club with the 8th edition release, but other game types are usually going on, with 9th age fantasy, age of sigmar, board games and x-wing games all taking place last week. Most of us play several game types so always worth just having a chat to see who plays what (I dabble in board games and Age of Sigmar but mostly play x-wing and 40k, for example).

Pop in and see us this Friday - should be plenty of faces to say Hi to and get an insight into what goes on down at the club.

First week of gaming is free anyway, so no other info to portray really - if you wanted to join in a game I'm sure we could get you involved in some 40k as there will be a few games going on as we all try to get our heads around the new rules.

Doors open by 7pm

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Thu Jun 22 2017, 06:28pm
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Just in case you are not familiar with 9th age it's a successor game to Warhammer fantasy that uses all the same models and broadly similar game mechanics with the intention of balances out some of the more extreme parts of the game. If you are familiar with WFB 8th edition rules and still want to use your old models it's pretty easy to get into 9th age and there a few players at the club who would happily help you if you're interested.

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Thu Jun 22 2017, 08:46pm
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Will pop in tomorrow to see what is going on but will likely be a little bit before I play a game myself as only just getting back in the saddle in terms of building and painting models up for the first time in many years.

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