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How long until the Play-Offs?
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Tue Nov 23 2010, 11:00am
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As we are about four months into the League I just wanted to ask the question about when we are likely to see the Play-Offs? I think we have almost a dozen players in the league and if we play each one twice with two games a month that means nearly a year of games before we start playing for a trophy. If this is the plan it just seems a long time to wait (and try to avoid playing Dave Downes). Either way I'm happy to keep playing Blood Bowl, I just want to know what I'm planning for.
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Wed Nov 24 2010, 09:35pm
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we were going to play each other once in league play. and once maximum in un freindly matches. i think their are 10 regular players

Long Bomb (Dwarf)
Dave Downes (orcs)
Rev (lizards)
Scottie (norse)
Duggie (norse/ wood elf)
Garth (Halflings)
Tom (Goblins)
Ian (Dwarves)
Luke (Orcs)
ME (High Elves)

If you guys want to, fit your league matches in as and when don't feel that you need to keep to the league night. arrange games and play. just not too many...
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